Why Silvergate Capital Stock Jumped Today

What happened

Crypto bank shares Silvergate Capital (NYSE:IF) jumped on Wednesday, adding up to 9%. As of 1:58 p.m. ET, the stock was still up 6.9%.

The catalyst that pushed the crypto-friendly bank higher was an upgrade offered by a Wall Street analyst, as well as a high-profile rally in the cryptocurrency market.

So what

Michael Perito – an analyst at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods – upgraded Silvergate Capital to outperform (buy) market performance (hold), while simultaneously assigning a price target of $225, according to The Fly. Its new estimate would represent upside potential for investors of more than 74% over the coming year, compared to the stock’s closing price on Tuesday.

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The analyst highlighted the recent selloff, noting that it resulted in an attractive buying opportunity. He believes that before interest rates rise, investors should increase their exposure to digital-friendly banks positioned to benefit from these higher rates, “while maintaining fintech-like growth potential from a user perspective. and income”.

He might be on to something. As of yesterday’s market close, shares of Silvergate Capital had fallen 42% since November with no company-specific news.

The sale appears overstated, as consensus analyst estimates call for fourth-quarter revenue of $52.7 million, which would represent year-over-year growth of more than 94%. Earnings should also shine, with earnings per share growing 53%. If Silvergate succeeds in exceeding these expectations, it would mark the fifth consecutive quarter the company has done so.

Now what

Silvergate’s stock was on a tear last year, nearly doubling over the course of 2021, as interest in cryptocurrencies exploded, led by enthusiasm about their prospects of being universally used and accepted. .

However, there has been a broad sell-off in the digital asset market since mid-November, with many cryptocurrencies losing a third or more of their value. Silvergate Capital shares have become inexorably crypto-bound and – rightly or wrongly – follow the ebbs and flows of the broader cryptocurrency market.

That said, as investors retreated into cryptocurrencies today, Silvergate Capital received an additional boost.

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