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IPeople Inc. (IPO) 2020 General Information Sheet (SIG) has a paid-up share capital of 1,044,263,197 common shares, paid by 2,015 Filipino and foreign shareholders. It has nine directors, which is chaired by Renato C. Valencia, according to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). According to the company’s MIS, IPO paid its P1,063,517 directors in 2019.

The GIS listed House of Investments as holder as shareholder # 1 and held 501,940,749 ordinary IPO shares, or 48.07%; Ayala Corp., 349,829,961 common shares, or 33.50%; PCD Nominee Corp. holds 126,601,474 common shares for Filipinos and (No. 6) for non-Filipinos 611,349 common shares, or 0.06%; A. Soriano Corp., (n ° 4) 54,984,522 ordinary shares, or 5.27%; and Haydee Management & Resource Corp., 65,800 common shares.

As of October 14, 2021, the IPO Public Ownership Report (POR) listed 168,775 common shares, or 0.02%, as total ownership of nine directors.

House of Investments is one of the top three shareholders, according to the IPO POR. It directly owned 501,940,749 ordinary shares and indirectly held 1.158 million ordinary shares, for a total of 503,098,749 ordinary shares, or 48.18%, according to the POR. Malayan Insurance Corp. is another major shareholder with indirect ownership of 32,524,971 ordinary shares, or 3.11%.

Antonio Lee Tiu is portrayed in a file as chairman of the 10-person board, president and CEO (CEO) of Greenery Holdings Inc. (GREEN). He purchased 750 million ordinary shares from P1 per share, bringing his indirect and direct holdings to 1.35 ordinary shares, or 44.24% of the 1,800,778,573 GREEN ordinary shares outstanding. He owns 1 million preferred shares held by Earthright Holdings Inc.

Earthright Holdings became the majority shareholder of Greenery Holdings. He bought 750 million ordinary shares from P1 per share, bringing his holdings to 1,937,500,000 ordinary shares, or 53.81%. He also bought a thousand preferred shares at P 0.01 per share.

GREEN has 10 directors and 10 employees, according to the PSE and its SRG 2020, which also indicated that it had 2,850,778,573 GREEN common and preferred shares outstanding.

PCD Nominee Corp. is GREEN’s No. 1 shareholder and holds for Filipinos and others 447,578,240 ordinary shares, or 24.18%. A footnote in the SIG mentioned Eagle Equities Inc. as the holder of 128,253,718 common shares. (Calculated on 2,850,778,573 outstanding common and preferred shares shows PCD with 15.7 percent GREEN).

Nickel Asia Corp. (NIKL) PES listed Martin Antonio G. Zamora, President and CEO (CEO); Aloysius C. Diaz, senior vice president (SVP) for production; Georgina Carolina Y. Martinez, Senior Vice President for Compliance and Business Support Services; Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Secretary General; Maria Angela G. Villamor, senior vice president for the finance and revenue management group; financial director; Jose Bayani D. Baylon, vice president (VP) for corporate communications, head of the public and social affairs group; Rolando R. Cruz, vice president for research and technological innovations and corporate and corp innovations. special projects; Rommel L. Cruz, vice president and COO for DMC, HMC-Manicani project and CDTN service company; and Koichi Ishihara, vice president, sales, purchasing and supply chain management.

A listed 2021 GIS from PCD Nominee Corp. majority and majority shareholder and Filipinos owned 7,376,625,555 NIKL common shares, or 54.06% of the outstanding 14,350,850,117 common and preferred shares held by 91 Filipinos and foreigners. (The calculation showed 51.402% of the common and preferred shares outstanding). PCD at No. 3 held 2,384,515,696 ordinary shares for foreigners, or 17.48%.

Apparently, NIKL deducted from the 9,351,596,108 outstanding common and preferred shares 720 million preferred shares equivalent to 8,631,596,108 outstanding NIKL common shares. NIKL has 19.985 billion authorized capital (ACS) of which 720 million has been classified as preferred shares, or 3.603 of ACS. NIKL has 13,630,850,117 common shares outstanding. The result of the calculation based on 13,630,850,117 NIKL ordinary shares held by foreigners equals 17.494 percent).

Araneta Properties Inc. (ARA) has listed 1,951,387,570 common shares outstanding, with a par value of P1, according to the PSE. Holders of said outstanding ordinary shares, such as Gregorio Araneta Inc., 390,277,500 ARA ordinary shares, or 20%; Carmel Development Inc., 499,999,997 common shares, Gamma Properties Inc., 136 million common shares, or 6.97%; and Olongapo Mabuhay Express Corp., 124,855,422 common shares, or 6.40 percent.

The nine directors of Araneta Properties, chaired by Gregorio Ma. Araneta 3rd, who directly owns 120,060 ARA ordinary shares, or 0.1% of the outstanding ordinary shares; Cesar Zalamea, Alfredo de Borja, Alfredo de Roa 3rd, Crisanto Roy Alcid, Alfonso Araneta, Luis M. Araneta and Perry L. Pe, one nominal ARA ordinary share each. Francisco A. Segovia directly owns 1,000 common shares, according to ARA’s ROP as of October 18, 2021.

Araneta Properties has listed five joint stock companies, which are owned by Aranetas, holding a total of 1,474,423,885 ordinary shares, or 75.57%.

Why confuse the audience for NIKL? I was just asking.

Sallie R. Loera