Ryan Niddel, growth strategist and authority on improving small-cap earnings, is making his partners and investors rich fast

Ryan Niddel, General Partner, CEO, Board Member and Entrepreneur, has quickly amassed a fortune for business owners and investors over the past 2.5 years. From becoming CEO of a manufacturing company and increasing his profits by 2,500%, to already having 2 startups (launched in January 2022) on track to reach $5 million or more this year, he is rapidly developing a reputation of a man with the Midas touch.

Ryan Niddel, although a new face publicly in the M&A world, has been quietly behind the scenes to achieve massive results over the past decade. He is the leading authority on improving business revenue by improving EBITDA through increased operational efficiency, lean manufacturing principles and more. He has helped acquire or exit over 11 companies while seeing their collective revenues exceed over $237 million. Niddel managed to triple the turnover of more than 5 companies in less than 2 and a half years, adding an additional valuation of 950 million dollars to these companies.

Just 6 months ago Ryan Niddel has reached an important milestone — generating $750 million in additional capital growth for the companies he’s worked with over the past 2.5 years (especially since he hasn’t yet crossed the age of 40). Now, in the previous 6 months, it has increased results by another $200 million and is poised to cross $2 billion over the next 2 years.

Ryan has developed many of these strategies over the past 15 years growing his own businesses, then businesses he entered as a partner and now also as an M&A specialist (focusing primarily on roll ups with a strategic exit). Its strategies, while unique, focus on proven fundamentals such as increasing profits and EBITDA revenues, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs, and implementing systems that allow the business to scale and operate without owner management. He says this is responsible for around 85% of the revenue he has generated to date.

He also recently helped EW Holdings (owner of the popular “Traffic and Funnels” brand) prepare for a high multiple release in Q1 2022. Ryan implemented an operational efficiency system that allows for more predictable revenue and scalable while positioning it. as more desirable for acquisition. Mr. Niddel has also reduced waste (by refining and removing all unnecessary budgets, finance, reduced software redundancy and staff overlap, and facility optimization). This resulted in an infrastructure that enabled a 6% increase in net margins while simultaneously increasing revenue by approximately 21%.

It’s also generating similar results in brand new startups, like a new company called Levels of Wealth. The company helps people maximize their net worth by understanding personal finance, crypto and the NFT space, and capital markets. The company is currently operating with an annual revenue of $7 million just 4 months after its launch (since January 2022).

Despite his huge success at such a young age, Ryan Niddel remains humble and down-to-earth (a trait he attributes to his roots in Ohio). When asked how he managed to accumulate these results in such a short time, he mentioned: “I focus on the basic strategies that I have honed over the years that build a strong foundation while making it attractive for acquisition. This directly helps business owners actualize the stored value in their business that they spent decades building, but didn’t know how to sell for maximum value. Then, through multiple processes of optimization and refinement, we actually manage reliability, scalability, and business profits. The result is consistently a high-profit business that has all the foundations for a desirable acquisition and a business that can operate stress-free.

Taylor Welch, a colleague who also brought Mr. Niddel into his business (EW Holdings) and who himself has a star-studded track record, said: “Ryan is a unique person combining a talented intellect while having a relentless drive and work ethic. After seeing him excel wherever he goes, I can understand why others around him are impressed with the results he creates. I think it’s only a matter of time before he takes over public companies and is the next much talked about billionaire on CNBC.

As Mr. Niddel juggles running multiple businesses as CEO, board member, and general partner while also being a husband, father, and industry leader, he’s likely to continue breaking glass ceilings on his way to the top.


To learn more about Mr. Niddel, you can follow the Ryan Niddel Strategies Youtube Channel or access his ongoing advice (for free) by signing up for his occasional emails on his website at www.RyanNiddel.com.

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