Rowesville approves the budget; sales tax funds used for city museum windows

COREY BRECHLIN T&D Correspondent

Francies Harvey grew this lemon in Rowesville.

ROWESVILLE — Rowesville City Council began its November meeting with the third and final reading of the 2023 budget, which passed unanimously.

Orangeburg County 1% Capital Projects Sales Tax funds were used to purchase new windows for the city museum, removal of saplings and stumps from Fairey Park and the retention of a 1906 Rowesville Graded School school leaving certificate which belonged to Coy Bowman. The diploma will be exhibited in the city museum.

Mayor Paul Bishop was very happy to have received the diploma for display. He also received a high school diploma from Orangeburg which belonged to a late citizen of Rowesville. It will also be displayed.

The restoration of the city’s Christmas wreaths is almost complete. Bishop will pick them up in early November. Dominion Energy will hang the streetlights on November 22.

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Bishop reported that the town trunk or treat was a big hit, saying he was happy to see people interacting for the community and having a good time together.

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The next council meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. on December 5 at Rowesville City Hall, 309 River Drive.

Sallie R. Loera