Revenue Impasse: Anambra government talks to tricycle and shuttle operators | The Guardian Nigeria News

The Anambra State Government has held talks with the tricycle (Keke) and shuttle operators in a bid to address the lingering revenue stalemate in the state.

The meeting, held at Dr Alex Ekwueme Square, Awka, over the weekend, included Deputy Governor Dr Onyeka Ibezim, Governor Charles Soludo’s Special Advisor on Security, Vice Marshal of the Air Ben Chiobi (Rtd), and representatives of the Association of Tricycle and Shuttle Operators.

Ibezim, who addressed the rally, said the state government was working to resolve the revenue issue with the association, aiming to restore common sense in the free movement of people, goods and services in the state.

He instructed the unions to conduct themselves in an orderly manner when presenting their position, so that their views are heard to enable the government to take decisions that will benefit all.

He called for a peaceful environment, saying the state government regards the welfare of all citizens as its top priority, insisting his presence was to ensure that the issue was resolved amicably. .

In his remark, Chiobi observed that the resistance was likely the result of a misunderstanding on the part of the association’s management, as an agreement was initially reached after proper consultations with the unions.

He explained that the meeting was a democratic approach aimed at having a direct discussion with tricycle operators to settle the revenue issue.

“The meeting provided the government with the opportunity to have direct contact with the members of the association. We promise that further meetings will be held to resolve the issue,” the security assistant added.

In their speeches, Mr Anthony Ejike, who claimed he was a tricycle operator, argued that the monthly tax payment of 15,000 naira is a huge amount to pay once, while suggesting that he should be reduced and a convenient payment process should be arranged.

Also speaking, a tricycle operator, Johnson Munaya, also called for the levy to be reduced to N10,000, as he praised the state government for controlling the threat of touts, who extort money from them. ‘silver.

Unions of tricycle and shuttle operators pulled services to the public for two days last week in the state capital, Awka, following protests against the state government’s imposition of a monthly fee of N25,000 and N15,000 for tricycle and shuttle operators respectively.

Many residents and commuters in the state capital were stranded and unable to get to work, market, etc., while many resorted to trekking to their destinations.

Sallie R. Loera