Niger deplores 8,000 for a doctor-patient ratio

The Niger State hospital management boardsounded the alarm over the worsening doctor-to-patient ratio situation which stands at 8,000 patients for one doctor in the state.

Executive Medical Director Dr. Ibrahim Abdullahi made the revelation in Minna, the state capital, to highlight the staffing crisis facing the state’s health sector.

He said many doctors and around 1,000 medical staff have left Niger’s health sector to seek greener pastures abroad over the past year.

“In Niger State, the doctor to patient ratio is now 1 in 8,000. The reason for this is that doctors and health workers keep moving, they go to greener pastures where they are attracted by the being paid in foreign currency. Developed countries are seriously poaching our doctors and health workers.

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“This year alone we have lost 39 doctors and in the last three years we have lost around 790 health personnel including 85 nurses. The loss of health workers is due to either retirement, flight or resignation,” he said.

Abdullahi disclosed that the state has 450 doctors in its general hospitals, private hospitals and federal medical centers.

He expressed his optimism that the lack of medical human resources in the state will soon be filled as the state government plans to recruit about 400 health workers in 2022.

Sallie R. Loera