NAB Climbs on Revenue Pace

ASX Limited has increased its dividend after a strong start to fiscal 2022 with increased revenue and profit.

Revenue from ordinary activities climbed 4.1% to $527.8 million, while net income firmed up 3.5% to $250.3 million.

“ASX delivered a strong first half result. EBIT increased $19.3 million, an increase of 6% to $338.4 million, setting a new half-year record for the company,” said ASX Chief Executive and Managing Director Dominic Stevens.

“The smallest [profit] the increase is due to lower interest income, a function of the low interest rate environment. Earnings per share and interim dividend both increased 3.5% in line with net income, with the dividend increasing to 116.4 cents per share, remaining in line with the 90% dividend payout policy from ASX.

“Total capital raised increased significantly to a record $90.3 billion, with both a strong primary and secondary market. We also saw high registration activity with 150 new registrations during the period, the highest number since 1H08. There was a 6% increase in spot equity trading in the market – the second highest halving on record – with a daily average value over the period of $6.2 billion.

“Increased market activity also supported strong revenue growth in our Securities and Payments business. ASX’s Technology and Data business also benefited, with increased demand for market data and for our connectivity and data center services.

ASX declared an interim dividend of 116.4¢ per share, down from 111.4¢ a year ago.

Sallie R. Loera