Mapfre SA: the solvency ratio stands at 216.8% at the end of the third quarter, within the target range

The increase in the solvency capital requirement is in line with the organic growth of the activity.

MAPFRE has informed the Directorate General for Insurance and Pension Funds of the quarterly recalculation of its solvency position in accordance with the requirements of the European Central Bank in the context of financial stability, in accordance with the recommendations of the insurance supervisor based on best practices for internationally active insurance groups. Figures for the current and prior quarters are detailed below for comparison purposes:

The Solvency II ratio of the MAPFRE group stood at 216.8% in September 2022, compared to 219.8% at the end of June 2022, including transitional measures. This ratio would be 206.9% without the effect of these measures.

Eligible own funds reached more than 9.8 billion euros on this date, of which 84% is of high quality (Tier 1).

The ratio remains very stable and solid, supported by strong diversification and strict investment and ALM policies.

The solvency position remains within the tolerance range established by the Group (target solvency ratio of 200% with a tolerance range of 25 points).

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Sallie R. Loera