Low Enrollment Masks Teacher-Student Ratio of Model Schools | Ranchi News

Ranchi: The teacher-student ratio of 1:35 is considered good but in Jharkhand the ratio is as promising as 1:4 in one of the capital’s model public schools.
But the numbers can be misleading. It’s not that the state has multiple teachers, but these model schools have extremely low enrollment. Model schools have fewer teachers and therefore students do not want to be admitted to these schools.
At Mandar Model School, there are 12 students and three teachers. Similarly, Model School, Namkum, has five teachers for 85 students. At the model school, Chanhothere are five teachers for 122 students and in Angara Model School, there are two teachers for 155 students. These model schools are intended for students in classes VI to XII.
There are currently 8 model schools in Ranchi and 89 model schools statewide where education is conducted in English while following the CBSE curriculum.
There are 40 places available in each class, but some schools have no enrollment in certain classes.
At Mandar Model School, there are only 12 unenrolled students in Classes VI, VII and IX. There is only one student in class VIII and 11 students in class X.
Nushrath Pravin, Principal of Mandar Model School, said, “The school was founded in 2012, but every year the number of students enrolled in the school is decreasing. In 2017, approximately 10 to 12 students enrolled in classes VI to XII. But there was no registration in class XI.
Sumant Kumar, Principal of Chanho Model School, said: “Since the establishment of the school, there has been a shortage of teachers in specific subjects, but now that there are more, we expect enrollment to increase this year.”


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Sallie R. Loera