High demand and higher revenue: DPOs offer a second landing page lasting 7 seconds

The strong demand for landing pages, particularly from information providers, has prompted distribution platform operators (DPOs) to experiment with a second landing page. Many DPOs, like GTPL Hathway, offer dual landing pages to meet the growing demand from news outlets.

A TV distribution industry source said the trend will soon be replicated across the country by other platforms. “DPOs have also started providing a second landing page. GTPL is offering a second landing page for broadcasters. Slowly more DPOs will follow,” the source said.

The head of distribution at a leading news network says the double landing page helps DPOs generate more revenue. “GTPL has started offering two landing pages. They run a GEC on landing page 1 and an information channel on landing page 2,” he said.

A senior executive at a major cable company noted that DPOs, including GTPL Hathway, are experimenting with a second landing page due to increased demand from news channels. “The demand for LP1 and LP2 comes mainly from news channels and especially newly launched channels as it helps to get more sampling and viewing,” he said.

He further explained that the landing channel is visible for a specific duration on some cable networks, while on other networks the landing page does not change unless the viewer decides to switch to another channel.

“While the first landing channel does not change unless the viewer decides to switch to another channel, the second landing page has a duration of seven seconds before automatically switching to the viewer’s default channel,” said executive, on condition of anonymity.

He also said that the second landing page, or LP2, has a very low cost because it is only available for a short time and therefore might not increase the channel’s audience. “LP1 is important because it adds to the channel’s audience. LP2, on the other hand, may or may not help gain more audience,” the executive said.

According to the distribution manager quoted above, the landing page is becoming a nuisance in the news industry due to its rampant use by some capital-rich networks. He also said that landing pages ultimately hurt consumer interest.

“BARC should think about this problem. If the landing page does not provide reach and time spent, it will lose its value. The landing page should be used for consumer awareness and advertising. A live channel does not should not be allowed on the landing page,” he asserted.

Homepage/Channel refers to the Logical Channel Number (LCN) that is first displayed when the Set Top Box (STB) is turned on. The landing page has become an effective tool for broadcasters to get more sampling, reach, and time spent.

Experts believe that the landing page is a powerful weapon in a genre like news, which is susceptible to high volatility due to a smaller universe size compared to entertainment genres. “The trend of landing pages started with newly launched news channels using them to gain more visibility. Since the audience that occurs on the landing page is measured by BARC, many news channels information are using it as a quick fix to increase their numbers,” an industry source told e4m.

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Sallie R. Loera