East Cobb Real Estate Sales for the week of March 21, 2022

St. Andrews Park

The following deeds for East Cobb residential real estate sales were filed the week of March 21st with the Cobb Superior Court Clerk’s Office Real Estate Service.

Addresses include postal codes, and the names of subdivisions and school districts are in parentheses:

March 21st

2842 precision reader, 30062 (Covington Ridge, Pope): Open Door Property, LLC to Shahim Khoshkam and Hoda Abbasimajdabadi; $607,000

3053 Gateland Square, 30062 (Garden Gate on Lassiter, Pope): TR Capital Ga., LLC to Cheryl Beaudreault; $632,000

1495 Keener Lane, 30066 (Romans Ridge, Sprayberry): Lot One Homes of Georgia, LLC to Joseph Pons and Vanessa Watorek; $616,538

2249 Addison Road, 30066 (Sprayberry): Sandra and Johnny Brooks to Bradley and Helen Freriks; $695,000

537 Flintwood Drive, 30068 (Beverly Hills Estates, Wheeler): Ronald Mann to Laurika and Jon Lamoreaux; $588,500

1339 Golden Rock Alley, 30067 (Ivy Crest townhouses, Wheeler): Sarah Roppoli to Muzaffer and Hamida Lakdawala; $545,000

March 22

4199 Summit Way, 30066 (Windsor Oaks, Lassiter): Judith Davis at Avin Properties, LLC; $395,000

4307 E. Summit Court, 30066 (Windsor Oaks, Lassiter): James Barbour to Alexander Hvostik and Katherine Thomas; $725,000

2330 castle lane, 30062 (Pope): MP-50 Inc. at 2330 Castle Lane, LLC; $920,000

2136 Lamplight Drive, 30062 (Chadds Walk, Pope): Suzanne Duncan to Brian Penabad and Spinelli Asti; $620,000

1970 Addison Road, 30066 (Sprayberry); Robert Wise to Francisco Chavarria; $200,000

March 23

875 Saints Drive, 30068 (St. Andrews Park, Walton): Andrea Kenney to Matthew and Alessandra Kauffman; $975,000

3023 Coach Lane, 30062 (Mar-Lanta II, Pope): Margaret Stewart to Bradley LeBlond and Eleanor Safarpour; $432,000

March 24

1949 Willeo Creek Point, 30068 (Jackson’s Creek—The Bluffs, Walton): Christopher Galla to Brian and Carolyn Marek; $775,000

3995 Rock Mill Drive, 30062 (Rock Mill, Lassiter): JDAD, LLC to Brandi Shirey; $314,000

March 25

620 Oakland Drive, 30067 (Forest Ridge, Wheeler): David Bork to Priscila and Carrijo Savio de Sousa; $284,000


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Sallie R. Loera