Court convicts 73-year-old racketeer and three others in Kwara

A Magistrate’s Court in Ilorin, Kwara State has convicted a 73-year-old shopkeeper, Bashir Alabi, from Gbagba area, Ilorin, of falsifying vehicle documents.

Bashir Alabi was handed over to the police for investigation on March 21, 2022, after being confirmed by the Motor Licensing Authority (MLA) office of the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS) in Pake, Ilorin, that the documents of the vehicle presented for treatment by Bashir were false.

A thorough investigation into the case revealed three other suspects, Ogunmoroti Akindele, a 56-year-old trader from the Kilanko area, Ilorin, Idowu Adebisi, 73, a business center operator at GRA, Ilorin and Johnson Ariyo, an IT operator 32 years old at GRA, Ilorin.

The three additional suspects were apprehended by the Kwara State Police Command Surveillance Unit for possessing incriminating documents and for their involvement in the business of printing and selling false documents of the Kwara State vehicle.

Further investigation by the police also established the recovery of forged and forged documents from the Kwara state vehicle in the shop of a Jamiu, who is now on the run.

After establishing a case of forgery, forgery and conspiracy by the police, all the suspects were brought before Chief Magistrate AM Ibrahim on Wednesday.

The first suspect, Bashir Alabi, pleaded guilty to the offenses charged and the trial magistrate, Chief Magistrate AM Ibrahim, entered a summary trial against the accused and ultimately sentenced 73-year-old Bashir to two years in prison. imprisonment with the option of a fine and the three other suspects, who pleaded not guilty, were remanded in custody pending further trial.

The matter has been adjourned to April 19, 2022, for notice and/or hearing.

Meanwhile, KW-IRS Executive Chairman Shade Omoniyi has warned those involved in the act of revenue embezzlement and racketeering to refrain from such acts to avoid the wrath of the law.

She also enjoined residents of Kwara State to deal directly with KW-IRS revenue officers at the various revenue contact points located across the state, or transact through the online platforms of the KW-IRS. service and waive the illegality and patronage of agents for any income transaction.


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