Berger Paints anticipates sales rebound this Christmas

One of the island’s largest makers of decorative and industrial-grade paint products is expecting favorable sales this Christmas as sales rebound from the slowdown in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Andrea Duguid, regional sales manager for Berger Paints Caribbean Limited, said that despite a difficult period, the economic outlook for 2023 was promising for the company, given the number of capital projects and businesses in the private sector on the horizon.

“Barbados had a number of challenges last year – we had ash [from the La Soufriere volcano in St Vincent]we had the hurricane [Elsa], we had the freak storm, we had all kinds of challenges as a paint company and as an island as a whole. We were very happy that the year opened with everyone having a new sense of a beginning, of trying to recover, and we are no exception.

“We have seen an upturn. There are a number of ongoing projects, both private and government, that. . . helped boost sales, and we were very pleased to see the year reflect the growth in economic activity, [including] in painting [sales]said Duguid Barbados TODAY.

She was speaking at the grand opening of Berger Paints’ The Color Shop in Sun Plaza, Worthing.

Duguid added that the company expected to see strong sales during the historically lucrative holiday season.

At the same time, it does not anticipate pre-pandemic profits for some time, given the financial constraints of customers.

“Christmas is always the peak, Easter would be the second peak, Crop Over would usually be the third. But what we’ve noticed is that as things change and I guess people’s budgets have changed , there’s no more “I’m going to paint the whole house now, inside and out. This year they can paint the inside, next year they can paint the outside, or they can paint a room this month and another next month,” Duguid explained.

However, she added: “What they didn’t compromise on and that’s a wonderful thing, [is] . . . quality, so we didn’t see any drift of customers to cheaper lower performing products, they all switched to our higher performing products.


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Sallie R. Loera