Anchor Hires Director of Sales, Expands VP Role

Four senior sales executives have been added to the list of Anchor Loans as part of the company’s aggressive growth plans after battling employment challenges in the lending industry.

New account executives include Tony Charlesformer branch manager at HSBC Bank; Rod Wilsonreal estate redevelopment expert; Troy Ellis, a commercial real estate financier; and David Armstronga mortgage and real estate director who founded First California Mortgage Co.

Each of the account managers has over 20 or 30 years of experience within their respective industries.

Their additions are flanked by the expanded role of Anchor’s Vice President of Construction and Development. Matt Edigerwhich will focus on arranging new construction, fixed and reversible loans and rental loans across the country.

Although Anchor’s expansion project has so far been successful, the hiring spree has been no small feat according to Andrew JewetChief Strategy Officer at Anchor Loans.

“What in the past took 30-60 days to hire a new sales team now takes over 90-180 days. The delays are very long,” Jewett said. “There’s a lot of demand for talented sales people and talented operational people, and you need to expand your network to catch the people you want to attract.”

A significant amount of capital has flooded into the residential mortgage industry over the past decade, Jewett says, triggering a demand for talent that’s made more difficult by employees who stay at successful companies.

“Very talented people are locked in, they’ve got good business, and they’re printing a good paycheck,” Jewett said. “An additional layer of employment challenges Anchor faces as it expands is the fact that it deals with experienced real estate investors who need equally experienced lending staff.

One way to meet that expectation, Jewett says, is to find people who are familiar with Anchor products and then teach them about sales, instead of hiring employees with sales training who then learn the product. Anchor’s products include bridge loans for the purchase of properties, loans for the construction of new homes and loans for rental.

Sallie R. Loera