2022 Stock Multibagger Announces Stock Split in 1:5 Ratio: Do ​​You Own?

With a market valuation of Rs. 246.98 crore, Colorchips New Media Ltd. is a small cap company that operates in the consumer discretionary sector. Diversified media company, Colorchips New Media Ltd. provides services in the fields of 2D animation, 3D animation, game development, special effects, graphic design and print publishing services, content production, multimedia and web development, character design for animation, etc. After. The Board of Colorchips New Media Ltd. recommended a stock split, which would reduce the par value of the shares from Rs. 10 to Rs. 2 per share.

The company said in a regulatory filing that “the board has recommended the split/sub-split of the shares of the company from par value of Rs.10/- each to par value of Rs.2/- each , subject to the approval of Members of the Society at the 37th Annual General Meeting. The record date for the stock split will be communicated in due course.”

Colorchips New Media stock split details as per available stock market data

Division/subdivision ratio: 1:5 (i.e., for 1 equity share of nominal value Rs.10/-, 5 equity shares of nominal value Rs.2/- each).

Rationale for the split/sub-division: In order, among other things, to improve the liquidity of the Company’s Participating Shares in the stock market and to encourage the participation of retail investors.

Before and after the share capital – Authorized, issued, subscribed and paid-up capital: –

Before subdivision of shares: Authorized share capital- 1,85,00,000 (number of shares), par value- 10,Total registered capital- 18,50,00,000.

Issued, subscribed and paid-up share capital: Number of shares- 1,70,09,900 (number of shares), face value 10,Total registered capital- 17,00,99,000

After the equity share split: –

Authorised capital- 9,25,00,000 (number of shares), face value 2, total registered capital: 18,50,00,000.

Issued, subscribed and paid-up share capital: 8,50,49,500 (number of shares), face value 2, total registered capital: 17,00,99,000.

Expected turnaround time: Within 6 months from the date of approval by shareholders at their 37th Annual General Meeting scheduled for 24.09.2022.

Class of shares which are subdivided: Participating shares with a nominal value of Rs.10/- each are offered to be subdivided/divided into participating shares with a nominal value of Rs.2/- each.

Shares of Colorchips New Media Ltd closed today at a new 52 week high 145.20 each, up 4.99% from the previous close of 138.30. Over the past year, the stock has returned a multibagger return of 205.68% or a CAGR of approximately 208.51% and on a YTD basis, the stock has returned a multibagger return of 523.18% in 2022. At Over the past 6 months, the stock has generated a multibagger return of 338.01% and also a multibagger return of 148.63% over the past month. On BSE, the stock had hit a 52-week low of 21.10 on (20/12/2021) indicating that at the current market price the stock is trading 588% above the low.

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