Relay loan “BPE Resale”: resell and buy with confidence!

Relay loan "BPE Resale": resell and buy with confidence!

If you are already the owner of your principal residence, with a credit in progress, BPE Resale is a solution to successfully finance your new acquisition, with peace of mind. To finance your property, you complete your financing plan with a real estate loan of the BPE range.

The benefits of BPE Resale

The benefits of BPE Resale

  • Unlike traditional bridging loans, your financing plan includes the purchase of all credits related to your previous home. You focus your repayment capacity on your new acquisition and you control your budget.
  • You have the freedom to opt for a total deductible (3) interest for 12 months. The monthly installment of BPE Resale is then composed at your choice: interest and credit insurance or only insurance (2).
  • The payment of the capital intervenes during the resale of your good.
  • This assembly can be done without making a mortgage guarantee, subject to the agreement of our surety partner company. You save substantially on the costs associated with the resale of your property.
  • Your BPE Resale loan is exempt from prepayment charges. The supplementary credit also benefits from an exemption from the early repayment indemnity, up to a limit of 30% of the amount originally borrowed.

In fine loan “Optimum Patrimonial”: for your rental investment

In fine loan "Optimum Patrimonial": for your rental investment

BPE offers you a solution of credit in fine for your rental investments. Only interest is to be paid each month and the principal is repaid in one installment at the end of the loan. To repay at the end of the credit the last monthly payment, without having to resell the property purchased, it is proposed to place your contribution on a life insurance policy. The objective of this contract, possibly supplemented by additional payments (depending on the level of contribution and performance of the media retained over time) will be to reach the amount to be repaid at the end of the loan.

The benefits of fine credit BPE Optimum Patrimonial

The benefits of fine credit BPE Optimum Patrimonial

  • You deduct from your rental income interest on your loan, to lower your tax and possibly create a property deficit. The interests of your credit therefore allow you to limit your tax on your rental income.
  • Your financial effort is moderate, since the loan monthly payment only includes interests that can be aligned with the rents to be collected from the rental investment.
  • You can request the transformation of the credit in fine into a depreciable credit.
  • Your contribution benefits from the advantageous tax framework of life insurance.

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