Cash loan and hints

Today, it is worth paying special attention to a cash loan, which is really distinguished by comfortable conditions and for everyone. It is recommended to approach the subject objectively and not make any hasty decisions. The cash loan is known for its attractive grounds, but this does not mean that you don’t have to absorb […]

There are many reasons for the credit rejection

  Each loan is tied to certain conditions that have to be fulfilled if the application is to be successful. However, it is not always easy to meet these requirements, which is why many loans are being turned down today. The most important role always plays the creditworthiness of the applicant, ie his creditworthiness. Here […]

Financing for retirees – is it there?

Retirees in need of funding are far from easily applying for a loan. Because banks are always concerned about the repayment of their borrowed money, which is basically understandable. However, the fact that loans are denied in many places because it is speculated that the borrower will die too soon is a fact that is […]

Loan tax – when do you have to pay it?

Loan tax may be included in some cases. See what the tax amount is and in which cases it should be paid.   Tax on loans The Act of 9 September 2000 regarding the tax on civil law transactions tells us that loans are taxable. However, this is not about loans obtained from non-bank or […]

Borrow money without interest

You can borrow money without interest by using a special mini-credit. This offers you the opportunity to borrow a few hundred euros, often without having to pay interest. Administrative expenses On the other hand, keep in mind that borrowing money without interest is not completely without costs. Unlike a few years ago, the lenders also […]

Cheap Credit for Self Employed

The self-employed have a hard time getting a loan. If it is still a cheap loan for self-employed, the selection is still a lot narrower, you might think. But the very fact that the borrower counts among the self-employed is not enough to justify overpriced loans. On the contrary, it is important which prerequisites he […]

Can I borrow money without income?

You can borrow money without income. There can be several reasons why you can no longer work. It is then important that you can still get money. It would not be fair if you cannot borrow money because you have no work. There is a lot more restraint in this and you cannot just borrow […]

Separation credit: solutions and loan to separate

    Choose well Probable move, furniture redemption and even in some situations legal fees … the separation has a cost. AstreFinance helps you to better prepare this period of your life and guides you in the steps to follow and the right questions to ask yourself. I organize Unlike divorce, you will not have […]